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This is a game I was building by myself in Flash- All the animations are done on the main timeline and it quickly turned into a beast. I wanted to make a game my kids could play, and this did the trick. The problem was, they would play it for a minute or two, then want to switch to angry birds or something else. Given that I could not hold their attention very long and my file was getting hard to work with... I decided to shelf this game.

I may at some point re-visit and do all the animations in Spine and maybe throw it together in Unity, but only if I can find a way to hold their attention longer and make it more engaging to kids. Mini games or something maybe?

My favorite thing to do is tickle Scraggles belly. :)

My little brother Zac (aka Ratkissa on soundcloud) did all of the music.

For now it shall collect dust.

Sorry for the awkward size- it was sized to fit the blackberry playbook :) Thats what my kids all had at the time.

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